Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vegan Stewie...thing

Sorry for the lack of a proper title if you have a better one please do tell....


1 can Lentils ( 540 ml )
1 can Pineapple (540 ml )
5 medium sized potatoes 
3-5 Tomatoes 
Any other vegetables you love 
Pepper to taste 
Any other flavoring you personally like


- In a pan on medium or even crock-pot if you would like, add a can of lentils and some pineapple and some of the juice of the pineapples to add to the flavor.

- Take your potatoes and peel them and dice them into small chunks, they will take the most amount of time to cook through, if you like them harder and not mush add them later (unless you like bigger chunks)

- The amount of tomatoes doesn't really matter, preferably fresh. Just dice them up or mush them, whatever you prefer...add those in and stir good

- I love pepper so that's my flavoring adds a good kick to it. Sometimes I like garlic sometime more parsley... whatever rocks your world...

I love this recipe because it's simple and easy to make and so easy to change and make it your own  
Not most attractive picture but it works 

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