Saturday, September 28, 2013


Excellent Question.....
   Well I kind of got bored one night and decided to Google random things
   and BAM! hit a vegan website, and started watching a bunch of YouTube 
   videos and did a bunch or research and want to definitely try going vegan.
   I have been Vegetarian for the last 7-8 years... I think... A while, anyways
   It's not because I am against eating animals... well to a certain degree but I am
   not going to lunge across the table to stop you from eating it, I work in a 
   restaurant and I serve meat... I just don't consume it myself because I simply
   can not swallow it even if I chew it till it's mush. I feel loads better without it
   less tired and don't have to worry about GMO meat or other crap that's put into it 
   these days. I really want to go vegan though now because I have been more aware
   of eggs and milk and how it's very strange how we consume it so much, even though
   we get loads of protein/calcium from vegetables alone. We over consume and 
   over kill for something that isn't even good for us... seems strange. I love media 
   these days because they have a way around everything... You know most of the 
   reason drug companies exist is because of media and because of what the media
   tells us we should eat..."The Canadian Food Guide" is what they preach but how
   correct is this food guide? maybe you should look at the labels on the food you eat.
   My general rule is if it's got a more than 10 ingredients or 3 or more ingredients that 
   I can not say or have no clue what it is it's probably not something I should be putting
   in my body.

   Anyways I could never find any simple Vegan recipes online so I decided that those who

   I do find or make myself I shall post on this blog and share it so it saves you the troubles.
   If your  not into this vegan thing or still love to bake with eggs and milk well I have 
   another blog  <--- check it out if you like
    Hope You Enjoy !

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